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Rose Pinot Noir
Organic 12.5%

Quinta dos Castelares is located in Freixo de Espada à Cinta, in the Douro Superior, at an altitude between 500-600 meters.The soils are shale with high stoniness. The vineyard is implemented in double bard levels and vines at the top. Dominant orientation: North-East. Very fresh of medium structure, with a vibrant acidity. Very elegant and gastronomic.

125ml - 7 | 175ml - 9 | 500ml - 17.5 | Bottle - 33

Quinta Do Perdigao

DÃO - Rosé wine from high quality grapes of organic production, gently pressed and naturally cold fermented. A symphony of cassis, redcurrant, black plum, wild strawberry, apricot and grapefruit, roses, lime, honey and aniseed. The flavour is fresh, elegant, lively and intense

125ml - £7.5 | 175ml - £9.5 | 500ml - £24 | Bottle - £32

Quinta Dos Castelares

DOURO - Rosé wine of Quinta dos Castelares is made of the most famous grape variety from the Douro and perhaps in the whole of Portugal, Touriga Nacional; hand-picked, this fine Rose comes from the oldest and best vineyards of Quinta dos Castelares.

125ml - 6.5 | 175ml - 8.5 | 500ml - 20 | Bottle - 27.5

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